Plastics Processing

Business Activities

Product Range

single and mass production of plastic parts

acrylic processing

handling systems

carrier for wet chemistry

wafer handling

carrier- and foup-handling

tools for cmp (chemical mechanical polish)

wipes dispenser

fume hoods (digestories)

transport trolleys

machine covers

filter case

syringe tray

glove boxes

devices for hand cleaning

Areas of Application

clean rooms in the semiconductor industry

medical facilities

medical practices

research laboratories

industrial applications


engineering and project planning

development and design

creation of manufacturing documents

technical documentation

Production Possibilities


conventional, up to ø400 mm


conventional, up to 250 mm x 500 mm

CNC flat bed machining,

up to 400 mm x 2.200 mm

CNC flat bed machining,

up to 800 mm x 1.600 mm


bonding of plastic parts

welding of plastic parts

pipe welding of plastic parts, machine-made up

to ø63 mm, manual welding up to ø250 mm

Surface Treatment

trowalizing (rumbling)