4-Side-Seal Sachet Machines

All our 4-side-seal sachet machines, or short sachet machines, are servodriven and vertically working according to intermittent principle. Dependent on the sachet width, we offer these machines of the FB-series operating in 1 up to 16 lanes.

Here you have the choice of three different sizes with the sealing widths of 330 mm, 540 mm and 640 mm.

By the modular design, our sachet machines of the FB-series may be equipped and combined with diverse dosing systems. Thus liquid, viscous, pieces and powder products can be packed fast and efficiently. Hot fill and cleaning of the dosing system by CIP/SIP are possible as well as simultaneous packaging of different products.

In combination with a contour punch, unique sachet shapes are feasible. Furthermore sachets with specific spout shapes, single sachets, double sachets as well as sachet chains can be produced.